Fuel Hose Zip Tie


Made In U.S.A.

Fuel Hose Zip Ties

Fuel Hose Zip Ties
The most common size of Fuel Hose Zip Ties used on boats, PWC, ATV, lawn mowers, small engines.
Legal Disclaimer
Length: 8 inches
Quantity: 100
Tensile: 60 lbs
Width: .185
Temp -35°F to 255°F (-37°C To 124°C)
Clamping Range:
 1/4in O.D. (5mm) To 1 3/4in (44mm)

Miniature Fuel Hose Zip Ties

Miniature Fuel Hose Zip Ties
Miniature Fuel Hose Zip Ties used on string-trimmers, chainsaws, RC-aircraft, RC-boats.
Legal Disclaimer
Length: 4 inches
Quantity: 100
Tensile: 20 lbs
Width: .100
Temp -35°F to 255°F (-37°C To 124°C)
Clamping Range:
 3/16in (4mm) & smaller

Problem with ordanary zip ties is they pinch and cause leaks.

The problem with normal square headed zip ties is they leave a gap, which causes a pinch making leak paths form.

Fuel Hose Zip Ties gap filling head design eliminating leaky hose connections.

Fuel Hose Zip Ties provide gap free clamping of hoses, tubing and lines. Eliminating leak paths and preventing leaks

Fuel Hose Zip Ties effectively seal fuel, water, air, and vacuum hose. By eliminating leak paths that form when coverage gaps are present.

Head of Fuel Hose Zip Tie
Radius Head of Fuel Hose Zip Tie

Fuel Hose Zip Ties are inexpensive very easy to install and provide Safe, Tight, Durable, Gap Free Connections. They can be used on Low Pressure fuel, water, air, and vacuum applications. Fuel Hose Zip Ties have good chemical resistance won’t rust or corrode and can be used in submerged applications. Mechanics, Professionals, Amateurs, OEMs, Enthusiast use fuel Hose Zip Ties, on marine, small engine, power sports, automotive applications. Fuel Hose Zip Ties replace hose clamps; hose clips UK, Regular Zip Ties

Reasons to Use

  • Cost. – Inexpensive even when compared to alternatives.
  • Speed - Fast and Simple installation.
  • Large clamping range - 2 sizes fit large range of hoses.
  • Reliability- Made In U.S.A.
  • Full 360° seal – Fuel Hose Zip Ties fully contact 360° sealing all leak paths.


  • Abrasion Resistant
  • Chemical Resistant
  • Flammability UL94 V2
  • Heat Stabilized Temp -35°F to 255°F (-37°C To 124°C)
  • Made from PA66 Polyamide 66 Recycle Symbol with number 7 OtherOther
  • Good UV Resistance
  • Non-Conductive
  • ROHS Compliant
  • Made in the U.S.A.
Original equipment manufacturer part number cross reference
OEM Replaces Part Number:
Bombardier 320107,  5030347, 3852158
Briggs & Stratton 95162S, 805187
Evinrude/ Johnson 320107
Kohler 25 237 08-S
Mercury 54-816311T
Mercruiser  54-816311T
OMC #320107
Quicksilver 54-816311T
Tecumseh  35068,  33143
TORO 614249
OE:  Radius Zip Tie


  1. Wrap Fuel hose Zip Tie around hose insert tail into head.
  2. Firmly grab the tail and cinch Fuel hose Zip Tie till desired tension is achieved.
  3. Trim Fuel Hose Zip Tie to length with snips or scissors. Your hose should now be Secured!

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